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Engineering Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.

  1. American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit member association, founded in 1893, dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and technology education. Follow the links on the right.

  2. Centre for improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE). Helping teachers and administrators realize the benefits of integrating technology into the curriculum in order to more effectively engage students in learning and improve student achievement, particularly in science and mathematics, is CIESE's core mission. Follow the links on the left of the page

  3. Design Technology Department has been created in order to provide free educational materials for schools and colleges. Multitude of links here for more resources

  4. D & T Pneumatics information

  5. Drilling

  6. Engineering Applets. Java Applets for Engineering Education A project funded by the National Science Foundation. Terrific free resources here to illustrate a variety of engineering concepts

  7. Engineering Education, International Journal, with links to lots of similar online journals

  8. Engines from

  9. Engineering and Technology teachers association

  10. Engineering from Limerick University

  11. Engineering your Future. Click on the resources tab on the right of the page to open a gateway to hundreds of engineering related educational resources.

  12. European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI). Apart from the links this has a lot of information of interest to aspiring engineers

  13. Frank Potter's Science Gems - Engineering This is a mega link site with loads of further links to the various constituent parts of engineering

  14. How Is Steel Made

  15. How Stuff Works. An absolute mine of information for students

  16. Information on Safety Hazards in the OSH Answers site will apply mostly to the physical conditions of the workplace or the way equipment and machinery are used.

  17. Iron Production - Techniques and History

  18. Journal of the professional issues in engineering education and practice.(ASCE) Examines topics of broad professional interest, diverse views of engineering management, professional activities, and technical problems.

  19. Leaving Certificate Engineering

  20. Manufacturing Projects from D & T Information

  21. Milling. Lots of links

  22. NEEDS ó The National Engineering Education Delivery System is a digital library of learning resources for engineering education. NEEDS provides web-based access to a database of learning resources where the user (whether they be learners or instructors) can search for, locate, download, and comment on resources to aid their learning or teaching process.

  23. Parts of a Screw Thread

  24. Places to go for lesson plans, curriculum standards, information sharing, and anything else that might be of help to teachers.

  25. Riveted Joints

  26. Sharing Agilentís Resources with Engineering Educators . This is a commercial site with some excellent free resources. Click on the links

  27. Simple Guide to Safety in the Workshop

  28. Software Engineering Education. This is a mega link to lots of URLS providing free resources and links


  30. Surface Treatment of Metals. This site is to address and recommend the different verities of technology that can be applied to improve or enhance a surface

  31. Technology Links from Limerick University

  32. The Center for Education is ideally situated to initiate programs that make a real difference in American education. Follow the links on the left . A bit too advanced for the average secondary school student

  33. The Energy Rated Homes of Louisiana (ERHL) Program is a section of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. ERHL's mission is to increase residential energy efficiency and provide more affordable housing.

  34. The International Journal of Engineering Education. Free online Articles and some terrific teaching resources

  35. Teachers' Virtual School Design & Technology Department Some links here may be of interest to students of engineering

  36. The American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit member association, founded in 1893, dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and technology education. Click on the resources tab on the left for lots of educational links.

  37. Thermal Engineering This website was compiled by Ronan Murphy as a Final Year Project while studying at the University of Limerick. The site was designed as a teaching resource tool to aid teaching and learning of the Structure of Materials topic of the Leaving Certificate Engineering and Technology Syllabus.

  38. Welding For all your welding, NDT and metallurgical needs

  39. Workshop Tools Excellent clipart of most commonly used tools.

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