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English as a Second Language

  1. A Superb Page of Links and Lesson Plans from Emtech. Ideal for teachers of ESL or TEFL courses

  2. English as a Second language from BUBL

  3. English Department of the Virtual School from Schoolnet

  4. English Literature Distance Learning Course The London School of Journalism. Follow the links if you have some months to spare. A truly superb site

  5. ESL Resources on the Web A mega link here with lots of links to more great resources

  6. ESL Teacher's Guide. Although designed for adults, the lessons and activities provided at this site can be adapted for secondary school students.

  7. ESL Teacher Resources on the Web


  9. Links for EFL Students and Teachers Designed for learners of English

  10. SOON. Many English teachers find that SOON material helps them in the classroom. Teachers of TESL and TEFL may find thes stories useful. There are definite religious overtones in many of the stories.

  11. Studying for TEFL? IEI Online may have something of interest to you!

  12. The Best on the Web for Teachers


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