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Geography 2 Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.


Coral Reefs

  1. Ten Questions about Coral Reefs and Ten Answers

  2. NOAA's Coral Reef online. Here you can find a wealth of information about coral reefs, the rain forests of the sea. Dive in and see nature's treasures in the ocean. Lots of Links and Graphics

  3. Where are the Coral Reefs? Links, Maps and Graphics

  4. Jurassic Reef Park. Great info, graphics and inbuilt glossary. Lots of links

  5. A coral reef is composed of calcium carbonate, or limestone, derived from the water by the reef organisms


1. Earthquakes. Sites specifically designed for educational activities

2. Frequently Asked Questions about earthquakes

3. Severity of an Earthquake described with with excellent pictures

4. GENERAL EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION (with dozens of links)

5. Depth of an Earthquake How it is done

6. Magnitude and Intensity (with many related links)

7. Seismographs - Keeping Track of Earthquakes (big download time but worth waiting for)

8. Earthquake Lists & Popular Topics (loads of links to other great sites)

9. Glossary of Some Common Terms in Seismology

Global Warming

  1. EPAS Global Warming site All you need to know about global warming

  2. Hundreds of links to global warming sites listed here. Located in many countries, across the world, many of these sites cater specifically for educational users.

  3. Educational Resources Provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency

  4. Global Warming Glossary. Thousands of terms defined with excellent cross referencing

  5. "InSite" on Global Warming with case studies, great links, quizzes, wonderful diagrams, graphics and much more

  6. Heat Island Reduction Initiative.

  7. Global Change, links and graphics

  8. Convention on Climate Change United nations Framework

Rocks and Rock Formation

  1. Museum of Paleontology from the University of California, Berkeley

  2. Rocks, Rock Formation and Minerals in Rocks. Lots of data with lots of links and great graphics

  3. The Canadian Shield. This rocky region covers half the land area of Canada. Seven sites with excellent graphics and narratives.

Plate Tectonics

  1. Physical Geography : Earth Science

  2. THE STORY OF PLATE TECTONICS, an online book, gives a detailed account of the development of the plate tectonics theory, and it describes the ways in which tectonic processes affect the daily lives of people everywhere. Superb Graphics

  3. This Dynamic Planet. Over 1,500 volcanoes active during the past 10,000 years are plotted on the map in four age categories. The locations (epicenters) of over 24,000 earthquakes, largely from 1960 through 1990, are plotted in three magnitude categories and in two depth ranges. The map is intended as a teaching aid for classroom use and as a general reference for research. It was published in 1994.

  4. View an animated globe, with the plate boundaries shown in yellow
    (may be slow to download without an ISDN line)

  5. Major Tectonic Plates of the World

  6. Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics

  7. Internet resources on Hazards and Disasters

  8. Plate Tectonics. This exhibit explains the history of our new understanding of the Earth and provides a brief overview of the theories behind it.

  9. Stuff for Teachers - Earthquakes & Plate Tectonics. Lesson Plans with links to terrific resources that students need to complete their assignments

  10. For enthusiasts there there are over 500 further sites on Plate Tectonics to be found here.

The Globe

  1. Full-Colur Maps and Flags of all Nations. The U.S. government's complete geographical handbook, featuring 267 countries. Each country profile, tracks such demographics as population, ethnicity and literacy rates, as well as political, geographical and economic data.

  2. Excellent, Challenging Quizes on American, Canadian, European and African Geography as well as links to other materials.


  1. Types and Effects of Volcano Hazards. Terrific graphics with related links to |Location |Gas | Lahars | Landslides | Lava Flows | Pyroclastic Flows | Tephra |

  2. Photo glossary of volcano terms. Exceptional pictures to illustrate the terms. Check the illustrated links at the end of each definition

  3. USGS Lahar-Detection System The first test case

  4. Eruption Warning and Real-Time Notifications

  5. Volcano Resources for Educators. Complete books and pamphlets on volcanoes with awesome graphics

  6. "The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info" Volcano World lays claim tothis title. Lloads of links and truly stunning graphics and location maps. There are also Lesson plans and (suggested) expected outcomes


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