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German Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.



  1. offers various interactive online services, which are very useful, as a reference, when learning German such as free online grammar resource for german, an inflection dictionary: generates declension and conjugation tables for over 220 000 words (Link provided by Sandra Wendland, Basel, Switzerland)

  2. Concise and comprehensive reference grammar Site is intended to provide students, readers, and translators of German with a concise and comprehensive reference grammar. This website is a work in progress and contains a wealth of gramatical information and links.

  3. DaF website is geared to teach German as a foreign language. Regularly updated it provides many links and resources

  4. Deutscher Bildungs server gives access to over 30000 documents mostly in German

  5. German Electronic Textbook for superb grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary

  6. German for beginners

  7. German Resources for Schools. This page is designed to function as a tool and educational resource to be used by German teachers and students.

  8. Goethe Institute in Dublin offers a range of services, support and training to teachers of German as well as information on educational travel to Germany.

  9. Goethe Institute in Germany with links worldwide

  10. Goethe Institute in San Fransisco. Comprehensive resources for students and teachers of German

  11. Hallo.Org. This Website, aimed at learners (and teachers) of German, was set up by a teacher from Thomas Lord Audley Language College in Colchester (Essex, England). However, it is now used in hundreds of schools worldwide, with an average of 5000 visits weekly.

  12. History, Geography, Politics and Economics of Austria with thousands of photographs, audio and video clips as well as glossaries and links

  13. Interactive vocabulary and grammar exercises to accompany Gute Reise Book

  14. Jiskha Homework Help Foreign Languages Center Follow the Link

  15. Learn German (and English, French, Spanish or Italian) for FREE using online Active Languageİ Lab! You must register (free). Great site for revision.

  16. Learn basic German and listen to hundreds of high quality audiotapes. There is online grammar, vocabularies, dictionary, lessons and exercises as well as lots of links to other sites

  17. Lingua @ net europa. Click on Welcome. Then Click on Education and then click on teaching and learning materials on the left of the page. Now click on German on the right of the page. Now you have arrived at terrific resources page for students of German. Some of these links are available elsewhere on this page

  18. Resource collection for students and Teachers. It would take days to list all the links here and months to explore all of them

  19. Superb links to learning materials, literature, German departments in universities, German search engines and much more

  20. Teaching resources - German Site of the American Association of Teachers of German. Web based resources, Exercises, Activities, Learning Scenarios and Web Projects.

  21. Terrific resources for learning German online. Grammar, online quizzes, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Get Pen pals in Germany or join online chat groups to practice your German.

  22. The German Page. The Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures,Appalachian State University, maintains the German page

  23. Type a word in either English or German and get an instant translation, examples of how to use of the word in different contexts, usage in a sentence etc

  24. Vocabulary Lists. On this page you will find a list of vocabulary topics. Each link will take you to a wordlist where you can find nouns, verbs and adjectives related to the topic you selected.

  25. Vocabulary Training Exercises In German,

  26. Web courses, online guides and instruction for learning German. Some are free, some not. Beginner to advanced courses are listed. A superb site.

  27. Web Resources index. These Sites were "chosen for their overall usefulness for German teaching at all levels. Categories based on topics commonly addressed in German textbooks. Stable, comprehensive sites that contain minimal or no advertising are preferred".

Newspapers and Magazines

  1. A site with great resources in German, ranging from train timetables to newspapers/magazines and comprehensive information sites.

  2. Daily newspaper from Austria. All in German and within a day of the current issue.

  3. Hundreds of links to poetry, anthologies, literature and much more

  4. German Newspapers online Click on the Europe scroll button and select germany to get a full list of online german newspapers

  5. Die Welt : Daily newspaper in German covering world news, economy, etc.

  6. Die Tageszeitung : daily newspaper from Germany.

  7. Magazine site for young people learning German. Interesting and relevant

  8. Magazine site for politics,culture, economics and science

  9. Magazine site for young women.

  10. News coverage of politics, sports, culture, and more from Germany.

  11. Comic collections (Andy) as well as an extensive archive of more serious material

  12. This site contains texts of more than 1,000 authors. The texts are indexed, alphabetically, on the left side of the page. Contains a broad selection of traditional writers

Local German Geography

  1. A clickable map of Germany for cities and surroundings. Choose your city and travel to your hearts content.

  2. City Panoramas. This site presents Fine Art Photography of Cities in Germany - More than 300 locations in 25 German cities are represented by panoramic photography. All panoramas can be viewed in a large cinemascope format. Broadband Technology will enhance your enjoyment of the splendid photography at this site. (Link provided by Helmut Koelbach, the German Photographer)

  3. Information that you need for travel to and within German. Includes online scheduling for flights, hotels, and more.

  4. Practice your german while you learn everything you want to know, and more, about Freiburg. Plan your virtual trip, or perhaps a real one.

  5. Practice your German as you learn all about the city of Trier

  6. Visit Salzburg in cyberspace. Info on hotels, transportation, shopping, places of interest, exhibits, & various activities in the province.

  7. Visit the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) with all its links

Literature and Language

  1. An online language lab with exercises and more. Part of German for Beginners.

  2. Multilingual Text to Speech. Type your text in English and hear it spoken in Italian

  3. Series of German reading selections at the German Language site! The Lesestück series presents short reading selections at various levels of difficulty - beginner to advanced.

  4. Selected texts, journalistic articles and scientific work, whose authors deal with different aspects of the literature and culture on the network

  5. This site has offered, since 1994, a growing selection of short narrative works in German from the late 18th to the end of the 19th centuries, featuring verified texts from documented editions and, whenever possible, English translations and online dictionary help

  6. Visit the German web pages of Professor Paul A. Schons , University of St Thomas, for an index of links to German news sources; German, Austrian and Swiss Cultural History which includes a section on significant German women; Political Information and Transport information as well as dictionaries, lexicons, German grammar, German recipes, German zip codes, the German Bible, and other reference works.

  7. World broadcasting service of Germany.

Revision Time

  1. German portal from Study Links, you'll find grammar explanations, interactive exercises, coursework and oral material. You'll find links on all topics covered at AS and A2. You can have 7 days free trial at this site.

  2. Home page of the Modern Languages Department of the Teachers' Virtual School, which is a part of ATW, the Association of Teachers' websites. Several language courses are recommended here. Choose your language

  3. Revision for German GCSE from S-cool

  4. The Modern Languages Portal Revision Scroll the page to reach GCSE and AS-A2 links and resources for German (Register for Free).

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