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History writing is, occasionally, written from the perspective of the author and may contain a 'hint of bias'. Students must be selective and discerning in their choice of online resources in this (and every) subject. Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.

A huge historical resource with many topics covered - exceptional for KS4 British Social and Economic History

  1. A history of the monarchy

  2. Eight schools, recommended by OFSTED, because of the excellence of their online, history resources. Here you will find A Wide range of downloadable worksheets and PowerPoint presentations covering all ability ranges, A series of picture resources, interactive lessons and a series of links to excellent sites that help students revising for exams in most GCSE subjects.

  3. Freely downloadable worksheets covering a huge range of topics from the School History site. Also PowerPoint presentations, ready to use in the classroom.

  4. History from the BBC. You choose the topic and the BBC will provide the data

  5. History links from the BBC Follow the links on the right of the page

  6. History links from the European SchoolNet. This is a phenomenal resource. Here they try to gather links to sites that they know are useful and can make history teaching more interesting. The content is constantly improved by history teachers from all over Europe. The links section is, for the moment, divided into five sections.

  7. History on the Net, Historical Terms, Romans, Normans, Tudors, Stuarts, English Civil War, British Monarchy, Medieval Life and much more.Also includes an a-z of history, timelines, interactive games and online lessons. Recommended by NGFL, the association of secondary teachers website, the History Channel and National Curriculum.

  8. History Resources for all age groups from the History Learning site

  9. Index of Resources for Historians. This index containes more than 2500 history connections. It is created jointly by the University of Kansas USA and the University of Regensburg Germany. The connections are arranged alphabetically, by subject and name

  10. Origins and the development of the Cold War (up to 1947)

  11. Photos and documents for 1869 to 1900 and work on women in World War Two.

  12. Public Records Office site with online sources to support the National Curriculum including teachers notes. Follow the links on the left

  13. The Internet Modern History Sourcebook now contains thousands of sources

  14. Teaching History online

  15. Teachers' Virtual School History Department. Excellent resources here

  16. Wolverhampton Grammar School history and politics website full of online activities and resources to bring learning alive! GCSE Resources

  17. Wolverhampton Grammar School history and politics website full of online activities and resources to bring learning alive! A Level Resources

  18. World Wide Web Links to History Resources presented by the Department of History University of California, Riverside. Western History is catalogued by time period , starting with the 20th century

Irish History

  1. Archives of Dáil Éireann 1919 - 1924

  2. Catastrophic Dimensions: The Rupture of English and Irish Identities in Early Modern Ireland, 1534-1615

  3. Chronology of Pádraic Pearse

  4. Corcoran Department of History at the University of Michigen. Click on Publications --> Essays in History-->Click on a Volume--> Click on search all articles-->Type in a search word such as Ireland--> Hit the Submit Buttton and browse for months or even years. Then move to the other thousands of links.

  5. CORK MULTI-TEXT PROJECT IN HISTORY. This survey of historical developments in Ireland during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will be of general interest and will be tailor-made to serve the needs of the new Leaving Certificate History Course

  6. Chronicon, Three volumes, wonderful documents and many postgraduate research papers on Irish and British Historical events. Some very useful links here also

  7. FERRETING OUT EVIL. The records of the Committee on Evil Literature, which were made available to the public under the National Archives Act in January 1995

  8. History of Ireland. If it happened in Ireland or even if legend says that it happened then you will find a link to it on this page

  9. History of women in Ireland contains information and descriptions of over 14,000 collections and sources in 262 repositories in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. The directory is the result of a survey undertaken by the Women's History Project.

  10. Ireland the Tragedy-(1180-1855)

  11. The Great Irish Famine This extensive treatise can be read as a pdf file

  12. THE REBELLION OF 1798 17 facsimile documents plus explanatory information, chosen from the archives to illustrate different aspects of the 1798 Rebellion of the United Irishmen. The pack includes a note for teachers regarding the use of the pack for educational purposes.

  13. Page1 Facsimile images of two pages Page 2 from a draft of the Anglo-Irish treaty dated 30 November 1921, in the midst of the negotiations, with annotations by [Arthur Griffith] and full text of the 1921 Treaty

  14. Anglo-Irish Treaty of December 1921. The full text.

American History

  1. A Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times (copyrighted, around 3000 html documents) Department of Humanities Computing, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  2. American Memory Collections: Topics: History

  3. American Presidents: Life Portraits

  4. Events leading to World War Two. An American perspective 1931-1944. Large, zipped download

  5.'s history page! This is a mega link to hundreds of other links provided by The Finance Professor

  6. General U.S. History. This is probably the single biggest American History resource on the web. Many of these links lead to hundreds of further excellent links

  7. From the developer: Overview of the American Civil War with maps, Original Pictures & Profiles, The Emancipation Proclamation & The Gettysburg Address--------------. Other good links here

  8. The Library of Congress

European History

  1. EURO DOCUMENTS Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe Selected Transcriptions, Facsimiles and Translations

  2. The Documents Room. Search CARRIE Catholic Church United Nations and Other International Documents EuroDocs: European Documents AmDocs: Documents for the Study of United States History World Constitutions Documents of the First World War. Terrific links.(copyrighted material)

  3. Reformation Full texts here Martin Luther (1483-1546): Address To The Nobility of the German Nation, 1520.

Revision Time

  1. A page of links to help you to revise for your Leaving Certificate examination in History from Schools History

  2. Check out Sparknotes for some excellent material. Some will be relevant to your prescribed course. To Access some materials you may be asked to subscribe (become a member). This is a free, safe, and a superb site

  3. Downloadable Resources for GCSE from School History

  4. Downloadable Resources for A Levels from School HistoryClear and well explained PowerPoint presentation offering guidance on how to write an effective essay. Site still under construction

  5. GCSE Bitesize - History A secondary revision resource for GCSE exams covering WWI, WWII, relations during 1919-1989, medicine, Russia and the USA.

  6. Home page of the History Department of the Teachers' Virtual School, which is a part of ATW, the Association of Teachers' Websites. Lots of Lessons, worksheets and Quizzes

  7. This link, from Study Links, contains a wide selection of links to some of the History resources available on the Internet. Students can avail of a 14 day free trial of this site


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