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Home Economics Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.


  1. A Database of Test Questions for A Level and AS Level Home Economics

  2. A list of Food and Cookery Sites. You can go to hundreds of sites with thousands of recipes.

  3. Bad Bug Book. This handbook provides basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins. It brings together in one place information from the Food & Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, and the National Institutes of Health.

  4. Biotech Information. A site launched by the Irish Government in 1999. There are superb links and papers here

  5. Bubl Link for Home economics and family living

  6. Crafting fun for everybody. Step by step instructions to change that craft project into a finished product

  7. D & T Kitchen and Living Room Information

  8. D & T Food Information

  9. External Food-Related WWW Resources

  10. Family and Consumer Science Resources Online. The links provided at this web site will give insight to the many resources available on the Internet in the field of Home Economics/Family and Consumer Science.

  11. FIBER AND FABRIC EDUCATION PROGRAM This on-line seminar provides a good basic education on textile fibers and fabrics

  12. Food and Nutrition. Good links

  13. Food and Science Home Economics Family Life Program Nutrition and Food Curriculum Guide. A Scientific Systems Approach to an Advanced Food Science and Nutrition Course to be Taught in the Home Economics Laboratory. An excellent link.

  14. Food Safety Publications. A mega link to hundreds of links on food safety from the United States Department of Agriculture

  15. Frequently Asked Questions. Food Safety In General; Multiple Topics

  16. Health World Online. This is a superb site on all saspects of Health, Health Conditions, Diseases, Medicines, Alternative Medicines and much more

  17. Home Economics Careers and Technology. Resources in home economics careers and technology (HECT) are available from the California Department of Education. Click on Resource Centre and then useful links

  18. Home Economics American site Containing Curricula for Cafeteria Training, Family Studies, Food Studies, Textile Studies

  19. Home Economics Frequently Asked Questions About Food Science, Nutrition and Safety:

  20. Home Economics Instute of Australia. The mission of the Home Economics profession in Australia is to educate, inform, and to act as
    an advocate to government, industry and the community for families and households, so that individuals can make informed choices in order to enhance their everyday living.

  21. Home Economics Resources from

  22. Home Economics Resources. This site has so many links it could take years to explore

  23. Home Economics to Modernity Follow the links on the left of the page

  24. How to Dry Flowers

  25. Jiskha Homework Help for Home Economics students. Follow the links

  26. Jiskha Homework Help for Health Issues. Follow the links

  27. Jiskha Homework Help for Nutrition Matters. Follow the links

  28. Mini Unit studies will liven up a topic you're studying or add something special to your homeschool day.

  29. Nutrition and Food Science Classroom and Laboratory Management Supplement

  30. Packets and labels. What does all that information on food packets mean? Get the low down on food ingredients and those mysterious additives and E numbers

  31. Recipes from Hoxie High School

  32. Sainsburys has produced information for home economics for food technology primary and secondary pupils. The site currently contains a product development 'pack' and 7 product case studies. Teachers' notes and useful web links are also available.

  33. Seasonal Features of Special Interest to Writers and Food Handlers

  34. Take Our Daughters To Work. Follow the career path of some of the world's most successful women

  35. Textiles and Clothing. Selecting Insulated Vests And Jackets

  36. The Allergy Center believes that allergies are neither easily treated nor easily understood, and the patient needs a great deal of information so that they can treat themselves.

  37. The Home Economics database Select Basic and Basic from the two drop down menu scroll buttons for hundreds of excellent articles

  38. The Institute of Food Research is a UK centre for research of international quality, sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

  39. The Reproductive System. The ability to reproduce is one of the unifying characteristics of all living things

  40. Vegetarian issues in Food Technology. Useful for Home Economics Students

Revision Time

  1. Food Technology Revision for the GCSE from S-cool

  2. Textile Technology from the BBC Bitesize revision series.Online tests with instant assessment

  3. Check out Sparknotes for some excellent material. Some will be relevant to your prescribed course. To Access some content you may be asked to subscribe (become a member). This is a free, safe, and a superb site


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