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Mathematics Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.


  1. A Mathematics Reference Collection from Hoxie High School. Deals with general maths through to college calculus. A superb site

  2. A Math Reference: . This is a link to some great maths Resource Links, provided by Hoxie High School

  3. A Selection of MATHEMATICS Web Sites. This is a mega link to some of the best mathematical links available on the WWW.

  4. Algebrahelp is an Online Resource created to assist people in learning algebra. They use some of the latest technology to help you learn and understand algebra. This website features lessons to learn or refresh old skills, calculators that show you how to solve problems step-by-step, and interactive worksheets to test your skills

  5. Algebra OnlineSM is a free service designed to allow students, parents, and educators throughout the world to communicate. This includes free private tutoring, live chat, and a message board, among many other features.

  6. Algebra Worksheet Generator. Also check out the links on the left of the page

  7. This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

  8. Autograph brings the 'click and drag' world of dynamic selection to Coordinate Geometry, Probability and Statistics.

  9. Bj Pinchbecks Homework Helper His motto is "If you can't find it here then you can't find it" A Truly superb site for all students of mathematics

  10. Collection of useful web sites from MATHNERDS It will take good students of mathematics several years to fully exploit these excellent resources. As for the less diligent .............

  11. Daves Maths Tables/ This comprehensive site contains a vast array of mathematical tables, theorems, proofs and graphs.and discussion facilities

  12. Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics. It would take several pages to describe, with justice, the great content of this site. It will take you years to exploit its resources

  13. Home page of the Mathematics Department of the Teachers' Virtual School, which is a part of he Association of Teachers' Websites (ATW). Scroll the page for some terrific Maths Resources.

  14. Jiskha Homework Help Mathematics Center . General math help in algebra, calculus, discretion, functions, statistics, trigonometry, geometry, transitions, distributions, and much more.Great resources here with worked solutions and you can send your problems if such exist.

  15. Karl's Calculus Tutor. You will find coverage of limits, continuity, derivatives, related rates, optimisation, L'Hopital's rule, integration, and much more.

  16. Maths and Physics Home Page. Good resources in selected topics. Check out the "selected other educational websites" tab for some excellent resources in maths and physics

  17. Maths from the EUN Schoolnet. Follow the links. Great resources here

  18. Math Goodies is a free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, forums, and more!

  19. Maths Links from the EUN Schoolnet

  20. Mathematics Links selected by the Omaha Public Schools based on their relevance to their curriculum needs

  21. MathNerds provides Free, discovery-based, mathematical guidance via an international, volunteer network of mathematicians.

  22. Math Shorcuts to the SAT For the U.S. College Entrance Exam. Also lots of good math links

  23. Math Resources by Subject from the Math Forum @ Drexel

  24. Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry... from grade school to grad school and beyond.

  25. Step-by-Step Derivatives and Integrals with each step explained. Long multiplication and division of polynomials, too. There is a $5 fee if you want online help. Each password is good for 100 solutions and/or for one year.

  26. Super Links from Karl' Maths students cannot afford to stay away from this site

  27. The Math Forum Topics@Drexel. The Internet mathematics Forum is one of the most complete and comprehensive sites, for students of Mathematics, on the Internet. It covers most areas of mathematics, from elementary to advanced, in great and descriptive detail. It has lesson plans, activities, and interactive resources.

  28. The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library. Click on the Full table of contents and prepare to spend months working through the various topics

  29. The world of maths online from Though this is a commercial site there is a list of free topics on the left of the page that will be a great help to students. Online proofs supplied where necessary.

  30. This is a mega maths link that will take an age to exploit

  31. QuickMath is an automated service for answering common math problems over the Internet. When you submit a question to QuickMath, it is processed by Mathematica, the largest and most powerful computer algebra package available today. Scroll the page to see sample problems solved.

Revision Time

  1. A page of links to help you to revise for your Leaving Certificate examination in Mathematics from Schools History

  2. Check out Sparknotes for some excellent material. To Access some materials you may be asked to subscribe (become a member). This is a free, safe, and a superb site

  3. Easymaths Coursework Help

  4. Teachers' Virtual School Maths Department. Caters for revision at Key Stages 3 and 4 , AS and A Level

  5. This portal from Study Links should be of immense help to students preparing for the Leaving Certificate. You can have a 14 day, free, trial of this site
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