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Leaving Certificate Physics Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.


  1. A New Model Course in Applied Quantum Physics. A set of instructor resources for introductory quantum mechanics and modern physics. An absolute treasure trove for teachers of Applied Quantum Physics. Many of the materials, which are totally free, are available in editable form

  2. A Physics mega link of particle physics education sites i.e. it contains lots of links to other links

  3. ALEPH is a particle physics experiment installed at LEP, Its purpose is to explore the Standard Model of particle physics and search for manifestations of new physics

  4. A super mega link to superb educational links which house some terrific particle physics resources as well as some great general physics sites and mega links. More links here than your average student or teacher of physics could hope to explore in a lifetime.

  5. A superb site for Leaving Certificate Physics. The unique feature of IASTE is the consistent and comprehensive links between the curriculum, which can seem abstract, and how it applies in the real world. In time you will find the complete course materials for all the sciences at both Junior and Leaving certificate levels.

  6. Astrophysics Information. Follow the links if you have several years to spare

  7. British Nuclear Fuels. An informative,well designed site. easy to navigate. colourful. Of particular interest is the easy to follow stages ( with photographs ) of the mining of uranium to process in the nuclear power plant.

  8. Centre for Ultracold Atoms (CUA) has been established with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation, MIT and Harvard University. Click on the links icon and browse some great resources

  9. Check out Sparknotes for some excellent material on Astronomy. Some mayl be relevant to your prescribed course. To Access some of these materials you may be asked to subscribe (become a member). This is a free, safe, and a superb site

  10. Frank Potter's Science Gems Physical Science I. This is a mega link to hundreds of other links to great resources for physics students.

  11. Frank Potter's Science Gems Physical Science II. This is a mega link to hundreds of other links to great resources for physics students.

  12. Galaxy Directories for lots of physics sites

  13. Glossary of High-Energy Physics Terms

  14. High Energy Physics Information Center (HEPIC) Education Resources For Students and the General Public:

  15. Hit the History Center tab on the left of the page and then just follow the links to some excellent educational resources

  16. Hit this resources link for some of the best educational physics resources available on the internet. A superb site for students of physics

  17. How Stuff Works. Click the links on the left of the page or use their search facility. How Stuff Works contains thousands of topics! Just about anything that fits into the form "how stuff works" is fair game for the site.

  18. Interactive particle Physics tutorial. The Particle Adventure is an award-winning site that allows you to explore the world of fundamental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques.

  19. Jila is an interdisciplinary institute for research and graduate education in the physical sciences. Click on "bringing Science to the public link" to go to Schedule for the CU Wizards Series (public presentations on science) and link to Physics 2000 (an interactive learning site). Terrific applets.

  20. Maths and Physics Home Page. Good resources in selected topics. Check out the "selected other educational websites" tab for some excellent resources in maths and physics

  21. Mega link to the Department of Physics, Harvard University where you will find links to all sorts of useful resources/topics including assignments, past examination questions and suggested answers

  22. Outreach Activities for the General Public, for High Schools, and for Colleges. The U.S. LHC Project provides anon-technical description of what students can learn with the LHC

  23. Physics Documents Worldwide - offers lists of links to document sources, such as preprints, research reports, annual reports, and list of publications of worldwide distributed physics institutions and induvidual physicists, ordered by continent, country and town. Also, click on the 'links tab' on the left of the page for physics resources that just go on and on

  24. Particle Physics Education and Information sites for a page of links on particle physics

  25. Particle Physics Resources for High School Teachers at CERN for a wealth of teaching resources for current course

  26. Physics and Astronomy. Browse questions, ask questions, send a comment or check out the great links.

  27. Physics is fun. Here you'll find interesting approaches to physics from an everyday standpoint. After each lesson you are given an experiment to try out at home or you can take a test and see what you've learned.

  28. Physics Internet Resources, provided by the American Physical Society. The term mega link does not do justice to this site. It would take years to explore all the links to terrific resources that are to be found at this site

  29. Particle Physics Information and Databases

  30. Physics Web. Features from Physics World magazine complement PhysicsWeb news stories and essential links to related Web sites. Best of Physics Web will be frequently updated with fresh content to ensure that it remains the best gateway to the cutting edge of modern physics

  31. Physics 2000, an interactive journey through modern physics! Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices.

  32. QuarkNet brings high school students and teachers to the frontier of 21st century research that seeks to resolve some of the mysteries about the structure of matter and the fundamental forces of nature

  33. Read about fossil fuels--coal, wood, oil and natural gas--or learn the difference between nuclear fission and fusion. Solar, wind, and geothermal are also covered. Play a simulation game concerning an energy crisis that is likely to occur in the future.

  34. Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry... from grade school to grad school and beyond.

  35. Science from BJ Pinchbeck's Home Helper. Scroll to Biology or Chemistry or Physics or LifeScience as you require

  36. The American Association of Physics Teachers. An excellent site with some very useful links including their online journal which provides further links to useful websites every month

  37. The ABC 's of Nuclear Science is a brief introduction to Nuclear Science. Take a look at Antimatter,Beta rays,Cosmic connection and much more. Learn about radioactivity -alpha,beta and gamma decay ...the difference between fission and fusion ...the structure of the atomic nucleus elements on the Earth were produced

  38. The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation,formed by Janet H.and C.Harry Knowles,is dedicated to improving high school science and mathematics teaching in the United States. Click on Resources

  39. The Last Word is where you'll find communications that mesmerize, dazzle, grip and persuade.Inspired writing and graphics for all your business needs. Conventional and leading edge media.

  40. The Physics Guide specifically targeted at Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate physics syllabus

  41. Theory of Relativity. An analytical assessment of the theoretical foundations of A. Einstein's Special. Follow the Physics sites links

  42. The Particle Adventure is an award-winning site that allows you to explore the world of fundamental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques. Whether you want a glossary of terms, particle history, an interactive chart of the standard particle or just some terrific links to more excellent material, it is all here

  43. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland is the national organisation with regulatory, monitoring and advisory responsibilities in matters pertaining to ionising radiation

  44. The Schoolzone guide to the best educational items from their collection of 1,000 Physics resources

  45. Veritable Mine of Information from how thing work

Revision Time

  1. A page of links to help you to revise for your Leaving Certificate examination, in Science, from the History Channell

  2. A superb site with notes on many key areas prescribed for the Leaving Certificate syllabus from

  3. An excellent site from Study Links for students reading the Leaving Certificate Physics syllabus. It has revision notes, sample questions, and model answers.You can have fourteen days free trial of this site

  4. Jiskha Homework Help Science Center .Follow the links and click on your specialty

  5. Physics Revision for GCSE from S-Cool

  6. Physics Revision for AS & A2 Level from S-Cool

  7. Teachers' Virtual School Science Department. Select your Science Tab and explore


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