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Spanish Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.


  1. A Collection of Online Museums and other World Wide Web services connected with museums in Spain.

  2. A Free Online Tutorial site with loads of links

  3. A Magazine of Today's Art and Literature from throughout the hispanic world.

  4. Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student. Learn Spanish from 50+ modules covering pronunciation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and other themes and Bilingual readings. An excellent site#

  5. Basic Spanish words with pronunciation

  6. Consult Biographies of the great Spanish literary masters? Their life, their works, their images?

  7. Database of Links for Learning Spanish

  8. Discussion on Spanish Politics in the Press. A selection of texts from various newspapers

  9. Jiskha Homework Help Foreign Languages Center Follow the Link

  10. Hola.Org. This Website, aimed at learners (and teachers) of Spanish, was set up by a teacher from Thomas Lord Audley Language College in Colchester (Essex, England). However, it is now used in hundreds of schools worldwide, with an average of 5000 visits weekly.

  11. Learn Spanish on the Network Free! Tutorials and assessments

  12. Learn Spanish with the help of music. A commercial site with the first chapter free

  13. Learn Spanish (and English, French, German or Italian) for FREE using online Active Language© Lab! You must register (free). Great site for revision.

  14. Learn Spanish from the Languages Made Clear Project which is a project dedicated to the free, online teaching of as many languages as possible.

  15. Lingua @ Net Europa. Click on Welcome. Then Click on Education and then click on teaching and learning materials on the left of the page. Now click on Spanish on the right of the page. Now you have arrived at a terrific educational resources page for students of Spanish.

  16. Multilingual Text to Speech. Type your text in English and hear it spoken in Italian

  17. Once you have Registered with Eloquence you can begin learning Spanish, for free, in minutes.

  18. Read a weekly selection of stories from BBC Mundo. Look up the key words. Note how language is used. Practice your listening skills with the related audio files.

  19. Sí, Spain promotes free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development.

  20. Spanish Links To countries where Spanish is spoken, Education and Information links, Recipes from Mexico and elsewhere, Music, Entertainment, Art, Spanish Newspapers / Magazines, Personal and Home Pages

  21. Spanish Newspapers Online Scroll through the list of countries to find the Spanish group of newspapers

  22. The Spanish Page. The Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures,Appalachian State University, maintains the Spanish page

  23. Spanish Newspapers Online from all countries where Spanish is the spoken language

  24. Spanish from Homework Helper

  25. Spanish Literature on the web

  26. Superb List of Links on Spanish Literature

  27. Spanish Steps A self-contained online course for beginners.

  28. Spanish Tongue Twisters with approximate translations in the second half

  29. Sueños Online is a series of multimedia activities for beginners. It builds on the absolute basics of Talk Spanish, but can be used on its own to learn and practise the language. It's based on clips from the 20-part TV series, Sueños and is the latest addition to the BBC's Spanish multimedia resources.

  30. Tecla: Texts for Learners and Teachers of Spanish

  31. The Following Links from, Albion College, will allow you to practice your skills at the usage of Spanish, and you might even have some fun while you're at it!

  32. Vocabulary & Pronunciation. Eastern Washington University has compiled a table of easy access links from various web sites. They are too numerous to

  33. Vocabulary Lists. On this page you will find a list of vocabulary topics. Each link will take you to a wordlist where you can find nouns, verbs and adjectives related to the topic you selected.

  34. Vocabulary Training Exercises In Spanish

  35. Want Hispanic Cuisine? You will find a tempting list of food links here.

  36. Welcome to the Spanish Portal from Study Links, . You'll find grammar explanations, interactive exercises, coursework and oral material. Lots of links. You can have 14 days free trial of this site

Revision Time

  1. GCSE Byte Size Revision from the BBC

  2. Home Page of the Modern Languages Department of the Teachers' Virtual School, which is a part of ATW, the Association of Teachers' websites. Several language courses are recommended here. Choose your language

  3. Spanish Revision help for beginners and for advanced students


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