Our Grand Canal Project

List of Participating Classes
4th Class
Ms Russell's class
Ms Lambe's class
Ms Dillon's class
5th Class
Ms Young's class
Mr Browne's class
Ms O'Neill's class
6th Class
Mr O'Neill's class
Mr Morgan's class


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To find the resources to go with this web site click here
or click on the schoolboy on the right when he raises his hand.
These resources have been prepared by the students and teachers
in the senior classes of St. Ronan's National School.
You are welcome to print and use any of these for your own work
on the Grand Canal.


E-mail your response to our school's Grand Canal S.I.P. project here.



We have recorded some nature sounds. To hear them click on the spinning CD and follow the links.



The National Centre for Technology in Education has sponsored our work
on the Grand Canal as part of the Schools Integration Project.
You can return to our project homepage here.

You can also visit another web site on the Grand Canal
completed by one of our 5th classes by means of video-conferencing
with Largymore Primary School in Lisburn as part of their work on
the North-South Dissolving Boundaries through Education project.

You are also welcome to visit our Saint Ronan's National School web site.


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