Crossword on
Canal Engineering


      5   6      



1. The first group of people
to build aquaducts.(6)

5. One of the most famous aquaducts
in the world. (12)

2. This is mixed with clay to make
the canal waterproof (4)

6. A group of men who built the canals
in different parts of the country. (7)
3. Very few of these professional
people were available to help the
injured at that time. (7)
7. What you put your foot on in a ladder would
be a similar word to what you could describe
the staircase in a canal lock to. (5)
4. The clay at the side of the canal
had to be of this thickness in cms. (6)
8. One of three famous canal engineers
from England. (6)
  9. A person who might have objected to
the building of a canal (9)


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