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Date _2001__________________


1.         The common swan on the Grand Canal is called the ---- swan.

2.         The young swans are called -------.

3.         The --- is the name of the adult female swan.

4.         The --- is the name of the adult male swan.

5.         Swans preen their ------- to keep them in good condition.

6.         The Kingfisher has a dazzling ----/----- colour.

7.         Kingfishers are --- birds and they nest in deep ------- in banks.

8.          This bird is named ‘Kingfisher’ because of its skill at -------.

9.          Herons usually nest and roost in ------.

10.    Herons build their nests at the top of -----.

11.    The Mallard is a -------- duck.

12.    The male is beautifully -------- during the breeding season.



These resource pages have been prepared by the teachers and pupils of St. Ronan's National School for use with the Grand Canal project. You are very welcome to print and use them with your class.


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