Water Safety

If someone falls into the water:-

Keep calm and think.

Shout for help.

Try to reach out with a stick or your coat to the person in trouble.

Throw out something which floats, a ball or a lifebelt or even a robe.

Wade slowly and carefully if the water is shallow.

Do not wade beyond waist depth.

Do not try to swim to the person in the water.

If you see a boat which you can manage, row it.

Go for help if you cannot reach, throw, wade or row.



To save yourself if you fall into the canal:-

Take a deep breath as you fall.

Hold your breath until your head is above the water.

Keep moving your legs.

Keep your eyes open.

Grab anything which floats.

Shout or scream for help.

Kick off your boots.

Stay warm, keep your clothes on.

Stay calm.



Here are some safety rules when you are fishing in the canal:-

Learn how to swim.

Walk, do not run near the water.

Go fishing with a friend or a grown-up.

Tell your parents where you are going and when you will be back.

Find a safe place to sit and fish.

Do not go into the water unless you are sure it is not deep or dangerous.

If you need help, call an adult.



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