Leisure on
the Grand Canal


Here are some questions you should be able to answer if you have read our page in the project:-

1. In what year was the Grand Canal taken over by the Office of Public Works ?


2. List the main aims of the Office of Public Works ?





3. Why is fishing the largest recreational pursuit on the Grand Canal ?







* * *

True or False

Put T for true or F for false in the boxes provided below:-

1. You may use live fish as bait.


2. You must use a rod and line to catch fresh water fish.


3. You may transfer live roach from one stretch of water to another


4. You must not have a pike exceeding 6.6lbs in weight in your possession.

5. You may catch 3 pike on any one day.

6. You may only fish with 2 rods at any one time.



These resource pages have been prepared by the teachers and pupils of St. Ronan's National School for use with the Grand Canal project. You are very welcome to print and use them with your class.



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