Children & Adults
Development Group



 ®     CADP provides a safe and welcoming environment for the purposes of making the educational process enjoyable and self-rewarding for both adults and children in the Fatima Mansions Estate.

 ®     CADPís  vision for education is broad based and holistic and is tailored to individual needs and talents. The project helps to identify and nurture such talents.

 ®     Inspired by the educational insights of Paulo Freire, the project seeks to enable a self-directional educational process. The project respects each individualís need to set his/her personal development goals.

 ®     The project is supportive of the mainstream education system and works in close partnership with local schools and other educational bodies. It also provides alternative approaches to education, which respect the local culture and individual needs and abilities.

 ®     The project, in consultation with local services, provides professional advice regarding a  broad range of educational, training and personal development opportunities.

 ®      The project sees the involvement of parents, where possible, as vital in the educational development of the child.

 ®     The project seeks to give every opportunity for development of leadership skills for all involved at every level of CADP.