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"No Words Can Tell" CD Album Front Cover

"No Words Can Tell" CD Album Back Cover


Sinead, Leanne, Kerry and Lyndsey, teenages from Fatima,  formed a girl band called  INSECURE in August 2001.  CADP managed the band and worked in partnership with The Fuse Box (Finglas) where the girls could received training in lyrics, song writing and recording. This expertise was provided by Ken Burke and Leslie Keyes.

Initially the girls were interested in writing a song that paralleled a love relationship with the history of Fatima; a great start, breakdown due to drugs, and the hope of a new beginning.  Their  first song was entitled Stop Putting Me Down.

 Later they went on to compose a song called No Words Can Tell  which  was recorded at AXIS recording studio, Ballymun in October 2001 and formally launched in the Fatima Community on October 30th, 2001 at the Spirit of Fatima community celebration.