By Emma (aged 11) and Ciara (aged 12)



In the 1940’s building began on Fatima on a site in Rialto called Bonzo’s field. By 1951 the building was finished. There were nearly 400 flats and eight shops. The early days in Fatima were great. The flats were lovely and neighbours got on great. Mrs Fox told us about the early days:

We used to do the stairs…in turn…they were always spotless and clean. There was never anyone hanging around. I would stand on the balcony and talk.   And you wouldn’t hear a pin at night.  And we used to come out on the balconies at New Years Eve to hear the bells…the whole crowd…all along the balcony. “Happy New Year Mrs. Fox!”…and someone would shout “I hope it won’t be like last year!”    We used to stand there for ages. It was great though. I got on very well with my neighbours.

Things started going bad in the 70’s and 80’s.  Factories closed down. There was a lot of unemployment and the problem of drugs came in. Joyriding started up too and stealing. There was not much of a chance to get a good education in those days. A lot of people moved out then. The flats began to look bad and people living in the flats were afraid.

In the next few years Fatima is going to go through REGENERATION. All the flats are going to be knocked down and a new Fatima built instead. All the people who want to stay want their own house. The children want a new playground. Ciara, Emma and Amy tell us what they would like:

¨      I would like fun parks for different age groups and talent shows and an ice rink.

¨      I would like a giant play area like Clara Lara’ with water slides and water swings.

¨      I would like a nice place to live in with no drugs… all drugs out!