An Interview With
Some Fatma Residents.

By Emma (aged 11)
and Ciara (aged 12)



Q.1  What was Fatima like in the early days?

"Fatima was a great place to live in. Everyone was very friendly. All the neighbours talked to one another."

"It was great ..football every day of the week, seven  aside, training…always football."

"It wasn’t a very nice place. There was nowhere to play."

"When I moved into Fatima it was a great place to live."

"Alright. There weren’t really drugs then. It’s just after getting bad now with the drugs. …people hanging around stairs...then younger kids in on drugs...years ago you didn’t see any of that."


Q.2  Tell me about one memory that stands out for you.

"The memory of the Canal, falling into the canal, going up and changing my clothes, drying myself off and changing, going back down to the Canal and falling in again a second time in the one day. "

"The memory that stands out for me is when they got rid of the addicts from the blocks. They used to stand out on the stairs in front of the kids. … We got rid of them. "

"I’ve no good memories. "

"I remember the people coming out to get all the drug pushers out. They all stuck together and had meetings and all and did their best. "

"The memory that stands out for me is the Halloween night on the Canal."


Q.3  What is Fatima like now?

"Different from when I was growing up. Of course the generation is different."

"Fatima is mad at this moment with drugs"

"Very noisy, like any ordinary flats today. "

"Fatima is still the same. It hasn’t changed. Its not as bad as it used to be."

"Hasn’t changed really in the last few years."

"Well all the neighbours stick together now. We look out for each other."


Q.4. What is your hope for the new Fatima?

"To get demolished."

"To get a nice little house, a nice little garden and no drugs around…all drugs gone and finished with."

"My hopes for the new Fatima is that it will all change…there will be new houses for people that want to live here and those that don’t will be moving out. So hopefully it will be a better future for all."

"I hope all the houses get built and everybody gets what they want."

"The new Fatima, I hope, w1ll be rid of the drugs, the unsociable behaviour and the scumbags that come in