Children & Adults
Development Group


  • In 1990 a request was made to the Provincial Council of the Loreto Sisters, by Pauline Logue (Sr.), in light of an increasing awareness of disadvantage in education and in light of the educational experience and resources available to Loreto,  that she would be given leave to move into an inner city flats complex, for the purposes of developing  community-based educational support. There followed a period of five years of discernment, research and dialogue  with Dublin Corporation.

  • On June 29th, ’95 the flat 6M was secured by the Loreto Sisters. Sr. Pauline became the tenant of the flat.


  • From June ’95 to Sept.’96 the Loreto Sisters and colleagues worked informally with children from flat 6M, doing artwork, music, cooking  and educational games etc. Towards the latter part of that year there was an increasing demand for help with school homework. By Sept. ’96 there was a clear recognition of the need for an initial educational response, namely a  ‘Homework Club’ for primary and secondary level children, based in the flats complex itself.

  • From July ’95 Pauline became involved simultaneously with the newly emerging FGU. For the first year she was a member of the FGU as ‘a concerned individual’ and from ’96 was the ‘homework club’ representative.