Children & Adults
Development Group


  • From ’98 onwards there was increasing effort to establish a partnership approach at all other levels, especially in ongoing links with FGU and  FTF,  as well as  extensive linking with local parents, schools, community workers and organizations and public service providers etc.

  • The partnership approach proved crucial for funding purposes. The first tutor employed by CADP in ’98 was Paddy Murphy. Funding for this post (as well as for resources) has come from three sources; Loreto, Canal Communities Partnership and VEC. Paddy is the primary computer tutor for children and adults. He acts as a tutor with homework support and tutor with the Fatima based NALA Adult Education Programme.

  • The partnership approach also extends to third level colleges. Supervised work placement experience for third level students from All Hallows College (since ’98) and The Liberties College (since 2000) has been facilitated by CADP. Volunteers also come from St. Pat’s College, Drumcondra.

  • Since ’98 an excellent working partnership between CADP and the Fatima FAS project has enabled  the successful development of  child and adult education in the estate. CADP has greatly benefited  by having CE (FAS) workers on work placement on the project. (There are currently five CE workers with CADP)

  • CADP facilitated the introduction of NALA tutors to Fatima Mansions and early on set up a partnership with FAS. Paddy and Pauline are working with NALA tutors in providing a variety of educational opportunities for adults. There is much on-going and creative discussion between CADP and FAS for further developments in adult education.

  • Other examples of local partnerships in the area of education are shared use of ARK expertise and co-operative approaches with Rialto Youth Project (RYP), when required,  with young people at particular risk.