Children & Adults
Development Group


  • A pilot ‘homework club’ was set up and ran from Sept. ’96 to Jan.’97 which confirmed this need. Twenty volunteer workers worked one-to-one with children in the estate. Twenty five children availed of the service. The work was carried out in flat 6M and Fatima Community Centre.

  • Evaluation of the pilot process during the first weeks of Jan. ’97, with parents, local schools, volunteers, local development workers and the children themselves, clearly showed that there was need for an independent educational premises if the work was to continue to develop. An application was made for such a premises to Vincent Norton, Dublin Corporation, on 17/01/97, which was supported by local parents, Fatima Groups United (FGU) and Fatima Task Force (FTF)

  • On 16/04/97 the request for premises was formally approved (8K- more commonly now known as ‘the Computer Room’). Subsequently all legal requirements on the part of Loreto/FGU, regarding leasing and insurance etc. was met. Management secured further new premises (27K) for the educational work of the project in ’99.

  • The organisation made an application for Charity Status with the Revenue Commissioners on 19/07/97 under the name of Children and Adults Development Programme (CADP). This was subsequently granted and a Constitution was established.  (Ref: CHY 12496).

  • In ’97 a full time co-ordinator for the project was approved by the Loreto Sisters, namely Aisling Deignan, who replaced Pauline as the representative for CADP on FGU.