Children & Adults
Development Group



The ethos of the Children and Adults Development Project is firmly rooted in the vision of Mary Ward (1585-1645), foundress of The Loreto Sisters. At the heart of Mary Ward’s vision lies the core values of:



 Our hope is that the work of the project be person-centred and leading to the full growth and happiness of all with whom we relate and work. For this to happen, individual gifts and talents are to be tapped, affirmed and developed; those of the workers as well as the children and adults who come to avail of our services.

 As project workers we see ourselves as co-learners in a united team. Though roles and responsibilities differ, the many and varied gifts of all team members, working together, enables the overall aims of the project to be achieved. Our hope is that all our work be characterized by genuine care, inclusivity, equality, mutual support , shared labour, sensitivity, honesty and loyalty.

 In our relations with the wider community we hope to hold a healthy balance between holding our own integrity as a project while employing a warm, partnership approach in all that we do. Networking, collaborating, sharing resources where possible, dialoguing etc. is central to our work and its on-going development.