Fatima Groups


Brendan  (aged 13) interviews Joe, Chairperson of FGU


Fatima Groups United (FGU) is a network organisation of community groups operating within the Fatima Mansions Flats Complex. Formed in 1995, it is comprised of representatives from Fatima mansions Residents Panel, Community Employment Scheme, Rialto Youth Project, Rialto Community Drug Team, Treatment Centre, Homework Club, Day Care Centre (créche), Football Club, The Women’s Centre and fatima Majorettes.

FGU aims to “support the work of all groups in Fatima that make Fatima Groups United and to act together on issues that will make Fatima a better place to live.”


FGU works to achieve:

¨      A proper standard of housing.

¨      Acknowledgement of the special needs of young people in Fatima.

¨      Treatment facilities for anyone at risk of or engaged in substance abuse.

¨      Employment opportunities for the people of Fatima.