Schools Integration Project No. 73

Illuminatus (Opus Pro)

Scoil na mBuachaillí, Clonakilty

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Project Resources

The following hardware will be used throughout this project:

  • 15 PCs. Five for each classroom involved in the project. This will give a ratio of 6 children to each computer - which would be vital if the project is to be successful.
  • 1 laptop computer - for use with Data Projector, both in the school and outside of the school when disseminating information.
  • Network - to all the children access the internet for information, resources etc when creating packages.
  • Data projector - teaching the children computer skills.
  • Digital Still Camera - will be used for creating multimedia projects - may be used by the children.
  • Digital Video Camera - will be used for creating multimedia projects - ( if used by the children only under teacher supervision.)
  • CD Rewriters in each of the three classrooms involved in the project. - necessary for publishing and sharing projects.
  • Software Packages - Microsoft Word, Word pad, Paint, Paintshop Pro, Microsoft Photodraw, Illuminatus, Hyperstudio.

Teaching Methodologies

  • Direct Teaching/Learning using Data Projector.
  • Teaching using Worksheets
  • Group teaching
  • Peer tutoring
  • Discussion groups
  • Circle time - giving all participants an opportunity to comment on the project and its progress. Opportunity also given for children to discuss difficulties etc.
  • Planning Groups - both with staff and by themselves - before a project is begun a lot of time will have to be spent on planning.