Schools Integration Project No. 73

Illuminatus (Opus Pro)

Scoil na mBuachaillí, Clonakilty

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Work so far

Before we started the project, we decided to ensure that the children would all have achieved basic skills, before embarking on the mulitmedia aspect of the project. This preparatory work, paid dividends in the end.

What did we do?

For more than six weeks, the boys in 4th, 5th and 6th took a course similar to the Phase 2 course in IT 2000. We used Word 2000. A lot of time was spent on folders, saving and retrieving. We then did basic word processing skills, working with text boxes, images and photos.


Before beginning Illuminatus, it was decided to start the children on a similar project called Hyperstudio. The plan was that when they had mastered Hyperstudio, the skills learned would be transferrable to Illuminatus. The transition to Illuminatus would then be painless....

However, the work on Hyperstudio took much longer than anticipated and only a small group of boys began work on Illuminatus.

Our theory did work - even though we only took approx. 10 boys, we did discover that after a few short lessons, they were well able to use Illuminatus and learned quickly. In fact when a computer magazine recently gave copies of the product away free many of these children bought it and spent the summer working on it - surely an endorsement in itself!

Where to now?

Next week (Septmeber 10th), we will finish work on Hyperstudio and await the arrival of Opus Pro. The children are really looking forward to it.


A large number of curriculum based projects were completed last year, some using Hyperstudio and some using Illuminatus. These projects were publically displayed at the end of the year.

The projects on display on that day were:

  • Shopfronts of Clonakilty: (a CD ROM depicting the shopfronts of Clonakilty, with photos, text and videos).
  • World War 11: A Hyperstudio project on the second world war.
  • History of Clonakilty: A Hyperstudio project outlining a brief history of Clonakilty.
  • The Night Sky: A Hyperstudio project informing the viewer about the planets, solar systems, stars etc.
  • Vietnam War: A Hyperstudio project outlining a brief history of the Vietnam War.
  • Irish Grammar: A Hyperstudion project on the Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir Láithreach, Aimsir Fháistineach and the Modh Coinníollach.
  • Birds: A Hyperstudio project based on birds.
  • Under the Sea: A Hyperstudio project showing animal life under the sea.
  • Reviews: A Hyperstudio project which reviews books and films such as Gladiator and Adrian Mole.
  • Easter Rising: A Hyperstudio project outlining the events and leaders of Easter 1916.
  • Michael Collins: An Illuminatus project outlining the life and times of General Michael Collins.
  • Lifeboats: An Illuminatus project documenting the history and lives of R.N.L.I.
  • Orienteering: An Illuminatus project outlining the schools successes in Orienteering over the past five years. There is also an interactive quiz to grapple with.
  • Ireland: An Illuminatus project depicting the rivers, lakes, mountains etc of Ireland.
  • Chess: An Illuminatus project outlining the school’s participation in Chess Competitions, history and a brief quiz.
  • France: An Illuminatus project with music, interactive quiz and geography of France.

Using the Digital Video Recorder

On the day,the video “Days like this” is being shown. Although the film is only 3 minutes and 7 seconds long it took more than seven months to create. The entire video was filmed by the children in sixth class.


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