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The students took part in a Rotating E-mail Story for Netd@ys. The schools were divided into groups of two, and each day they wrote a paragraph and emailed it onto the other school, and this repeated for the duration of Netd@ys Week. The results of their fantastic effort can be seen on our DunmoreCAP webpage.

Teachers/Students have been shown how to use the Internet and Bookmark pages for future access.

We are also currently preparing to run a Chat Room Quiz. This will introduce the students to using a Chat Room, in a fun and interactive way. More details can be found on our DunmoreCAP webpage.

Each school is also receiving a Scanner (Sponsored by Transition Optics), and students and teachers will be shown how to use these with the view of producing a newsletter with the use of MS Publisher as a final project.

Finally a Technical Support Course will be run for the principals, showing basic troubleshooting methods, installation of software and installation of printers and scanners.

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May 13th, 2001

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