Using and evaluating the collaborative software FirstClass in the four

post-primary schools in Ennis

  About the Project  

The Schools Integration Project (SIP) is one the major initiatives of Schools IT 2000. Its intention is to foster whole school development in relation to information and communication technology (ICT) integration. In order to achieve this, pilot projects will be established in a number of 'lead' schools working in partnership with the education centres, the community , industry, businesses, and appropriate third level institutions. The outcomes of these pilot projects will help to determine models of best practice for the use of ICTs across the Irish education system. Extra resources in terms of funding and supports will be made available to the SIP schools to help in realising their project goals.

Participation in SIP will have many benefits. In addition to grant aid for hardware and software, schools receive support in the form of release time for teachers and will be further supported by the regional IT advisors and the NCTE's National Co-ordinator.

  1. Overview  
  2. School Details  
  3. Background  
  4. Goals/Objectives  
  5. Characteristics  
  6. Outcomes  
  7. Management