Using and evaluating the collaborative software FirstClass in the four

post-primary schools in Ennis

  About the Project  

5. Project Characteristics

  Sponsors   5.1. Duration
    Start Date 01 - Sep 2000 End Date 31 May 2002
  1. Overview   5.2. Technologies and/or approaches to be used
  2. School Details   Internet
3. Background ISDN
4. Goals/Objectives ADSL
5. Characteristics PC
6. Outcomes e-mail
  7. Management   5.3. Numbers of Participants (estimate)
Age Range11 - 14 Number 500 Junior Students
      5.4. Non-school Participants
    Name Expertise Expected Contribution
      Ennis Information Age Town Web design and hosting web design and hosting project on central server
      Centrinitytraining, 'FirstClass' providers installation, troubleshooting, support for FirstClass software
  5.5. Timeline
Month of Project(Month 01 etc.) Nature of Activity Description of Activity
01 meetings meetings of co-ordinator with science teachers involved in project
01 Installation installation of central server and installation of FirstClass
software in schools
01/02 training of co-ordinators training of co-ordinators in use of and troubleshooting FirstClass
01/02 teaching of presentation software to students ICT teachers will teach their students how to use presentation software (powerpoint)
03 training training of science teachers in the use of powerpoint and FirstClass
03 teaching teaching of students in the use of FirstClass
03 installation installation of FirstClass software on students home computers
04 project production of students initial science projects using powerpoint
05 assessment of project assessment of project by (a) science teachers and (b)ICT teachers

finalising project

finalising project by students and science teachers
06 overview overview of projects by school co-ordinators/science teachers
06 editing/launch editing/launch of project to central location i.e web page
06 review review of project by four schools (co-ordinators, staff, students
07 Assimilation Assimilation of project to permanent location i.e. CD
07 Assessment Assessment of value of presentation
08 Assessment Assessment of value of FirstClass