Ennis Community College

Class First Year /Second Year

Project interpretation

The electronic section of the junior certificate program was our chosen topic for the multimedia presentation

Curriculum relevance

The electronic section is an optional section of the junior Certificate Course. Many students find it difficult to draw diagrams by hand. It was thought that using PowerPoint would be a novel and interesting way to allow students to develop their skills in interpreting drawings.


The students were taught the necessary skills to allow them to draw animated diagrams of the electronic circuits using PowerPoint. The students worked in groups. Therefore the collaborative software FirstClass allowed them to collaborate in this project.


To develop the specific skills necessary to draw and animate drawings in PowerPoint

To use those skills to draw the electronic circuits necessary for the Junior Certificate Electronic section.

To develop skill and expertise in the use of FirstClass so that students can communicate both by e-mail and chat.

Steps involved

The science teacher prepared the students for the electronic section of the Junior Certificate Course.

The actual equipment used was photographed by the students in their Science class and used as the basis of the apparatus in their PowerPoint presentation.

Simultaneously the IT teacher taught the students the basics of PowerPoint.

The students then attempted to draw the circuits that they had learned in their Science class using PowerPoint.

To collaborate on their projects, the students then learned to use the e-mail and chat facilities of FirstClass.

Later, as the projects were being developed in each school the students were able to see and comment on the projects from the other schools and compare and contrast them with their own.


The object of this section was to allow the teacher to assess the students understanding of circuit drawing and its relevance to the operation of the circuit. By using PowerPoint it was easier to visualise the flow of electrons and for the teacher to assess if the students understood its significance.


The electronic section is an optional section of Junior Certificate and would be completed over a few weeks. The students had only one class of IT per week while they had four science classes per week. The IT therefore was incapable of keeping abreast with the Science.


There were two main aims to this project.

    1. The use of IT to enhance the learning and understanding of a section of the science course.
    2. To allow collaboration across schools.

Both of these aims were achieved.