Using and evaluating the collaborative software FirstClass in the four

post-primary schools in Ennis



Centrinity is a global leader in communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies. Since 1989, Centrinity's award-winning FirstClass technologies have enhanced collaboration and streamlined communications. With FirstClass, users can efficiently and effectively communicate, collaborate, and share information in a secure, online environment. Anytime, anywhere collaboration is the order of the day, and schools are increasingly called upon to create online learning communities where teachers and parents can meet to discuss student grades, where educators can join in professional development discussions, and where remote learners can enroll in online courses.

For the past year, the Post Primary SIP students of Ennis have been using FirstClass. They have enjoyed the experience.

Examples of students comments on FirstClass:
"It was very easy to learn and use"
"Useful because other people can view your work and then comment on it"

FirstClass allowed us to bring students beyond standard e-mail into collaborative group mail and to develop a collaborative multi-media project on agreed science themes. With the aid of FirstClass, we developed a shared science resource centre for the dissemination of information among and between schools.

The FirstClass server used by SIP 081 is hosted by Ennis Information Age Town. For this we are very grateful and a special thank you to Eoin McMahon, the administrator.

We would be delighted to continue to use FirstClass in our schools in the future.


To experience FirstClass:

Click on

Double click the desktop icon:

Username: sip

Password: sip