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St Flannan's College, Ennis, Co Clare SIP 081

Class group First/Second year Science Class

Project interpretation
A habitat study of The Burren Rocky Seashore was our chosen topic for the multimedia project

Curriculum relevance
A habitat study is a compulsory section of the junior certificate science course and the rocky seashore is an interesting habitat to study.

To learn the scientific theory of habitat investigation
To go on a field trip to the Burren rocky seashore
To develop habitat sampling skills
To write up a report of the habitat study using Microsoft PowerPoint/word to present the findings.
To learn and to use the collaborative facilities of the FirstClass software for email/chat/research and for cross-school dissemination of the material collated during the field study.

The students were taught the necessary IT skills to implement the project in the computer room and the scientific theory and techniques in science class and on the field trip. The students brought a digital camera with them on the field trip to record the flora and fauna and the abiotic features of the habitat and as a record of a most enjoyable day out of the classroom.
The collaborative software FirstClass was the tool used to merge a scientific study and ICT together.

Steps involved

Scientific theory and technique (science class)
Field trip to the Burren rocky seasore
Research using text / internet
Use of technology (It room)

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IT skills taught
1. Powerpoint
2. Word
3. FirstClass user skills
4. Internet research skills
5. Use of technology (IT lab) Presentation software, digital camera, printers, scanner.

This project gave the students an exciting and alternative method of studying and reporting an essential section of their Junior Certificate science course This project also afforded the students the chance to display their work for the students in the other participating schools to view and comment on. (An outcome the students were delighted with)

Internal Dissemination The Burren Rocky Seashore was displayed in St Flannan's College IT lab during March 2002. Students, parents and teachers attended a most enjoyable night

In second year there is no timetable allocation for IT so IT training time for the students had to be done during class time designated for science. This resulted in the Ecology section taking longer to cover than in regular science class.

The aims of this project were to enhance the study and learning of an aspect of science using IT and to allow collaboration across the four participating schools. Both of these aims have been achieved. We hope in the future to transfer the project to CD ROM as a resource tool.