Using and evaluating the collaborative software FirstClass in the four

post-primary schools in Ennis

  About the Project

4. Goals and Objectives

4.1. Project Goals

1. Improved communications/collaboration between participating schools

2. Improved overall communication within each school

3. Provision of a complimentary learning and assessment resource to the classroom

4. Improved ICT skills among teachers and students

5. Enhancement of Parent-Teacher communication

6. Integration of many curricular areas

7. Use of FirstClass as a cross-curricular teaching tool

4.2. Project Objectives

1. To build a collaborative on-line community among students and staff in the participating schools

2. To bring students beyond standard E-mail practice into collaborative group mail

3. To develop collaborative multimedia projects on agreed themes

4. To design and develop a shared resource centre for the dissemination of information among and between school users in the post-primary section.

5. To investigate the value of FirstClass collaborative software in an on-line teaching and learning environment.

4.3. List of Proposed Activities to Achieve the Stated Objectives

1. Setting up of FirstClass Collaborative in the network

2. Education of participants in use of FirstClass Software

3. Teaching/using Powerpoint, HTML and other relevant in creation of centralised shared resource

4. Using the powerpoint presentation to assess the knowledge of the students in other subject areas

5. On conclusion of the project, a meeting to review the value of FirstClass

  1. Overview
  2. School Details
  3. Background
  4. Goals/Objectives
  5. Characteristics
  6. Outcomes
  7. Management