Using and evaluating the collaborative software FirstClass in the four

post-primary schools in Ennis

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  About the Project  

Steering Committee


Initiation, implementation and overview of the project between schools.
  Sponsors   Project Implementation Team ICT Teachers taught participating students
    Science Teachers assess content and value of presentations
  Implementation   Project co-ordinator Initiation, implementation and overview of the project within each school.
  1. Overview   Coordination of activity within and between schools.
  2. School Details   Training in use of FirstClass. Training in writing report for Action research. Training in web-making.
3. Background
4. Goals/Objectives
5. Characteristics
  6. Outcomes   Advisory Committees Ennis Information Age Town - managed Server Supplied training in use of server and FirstClass Centrinity - Supplied FirstClass collaborative software ICII - Will supply assistance in layout of final project next year.
7. Management