Schools Integration Project No. 082

Bullying in Primary Schools

Question 23, Action against bullies

What action should be taken against bullies?

Sanctions advocated by pupils

Twenty nine respondents to the survey thought that bullies should be given an unspecified punishment. Extra homework was the preferred option for seven children, while nine pupils preferred that the incidents of bullying be reported to parents. Detention was regarded as a suitable sanction by eight pupils and a further six pupils felt that bullying warranted suspension.

Action against bullies

There was a total of 59 valid responses to this question, and valid responses were received from each of the five schools.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth (aged 9 to 13) were surveyed in five mixed rural primary schools.

From the data received, it is evident that a low tolerance of bullying exists among the children surveyed.

Of the fifty-nine respondents, all children advocated either telling an adult/parent or applying a sanction.