Schools Integration Project No. 082

Bullying in Primary Schools





Are you a girl or a boy?


What class are you in?




1. Have you been bullied in school this term?



2. Have you been bullied outside school this term?




3. If you have been bullied in school have the bullies been older or younger than you, or have they been the same age?




4. If you have been bullied, is there any reason why you were picked on?




5. If you have been bullied, do you think that going to a different school

     would mean you would no longer be a victim?




6. What does it feel like to be a victim?





7. If you were bullied would you stand up to the bully?



8. Have you ever missed school because of bullying?





9. Does bullying affect progress at school?




10. How should the victim respond?



11. If you were bullied could your friends or other children help you? How?




12. Does bullying usually involve a few children or are gangs involved?




13. Where is most bullying likely to occur?




14. Where is the safest place at school?






15. Do children from other schools bully you at sport activities?




16. Write five words which describe a victim.



17. Are some victims the cause of the bullying by looking for trouble?




18. What five words descibe children who are not bullies?




19. Would you tell your teacher / parents if you were being bullied?




20. Would your teachers take action if they knew you were a bully?




21. Would your parents take action if they knew you were a bully?




22. Do the parents of bullies take action if they know about the bullying?



23. What action should be taken against bullies?




24. Should the bully and victim be left to deal with the problem and sort it

      out themselves?





25.  What is the worst type of bullying?



26. Are bullies sad?



27. Do the Stay safe” lessons help you to develop skills to deal with bullying?



28. Does bullying stop if the bully is ignored?



29. How should good behaviour be rewarded?



30. Does watching violent T.V programmes cause some children to become bullies?