Schools Integration Project No. 082

Bullying in Primary Schools


Oh, you big fat bully,

My friends are against you fully,

You bully me for my lunch,

Thank you, thanks a bunch,

Now you’re really in trouble,

And now I am living in a bubble.


I told my teacher, she went mad,

She said you were extremely bad,

“Slaps” she roared as she went home,

Let’s hope her cane is made of soft foam,

You have hit me long enough,

Now I will see if you’re as tough.


Next morning, screams were heard,

Screaming “Bad  boy Gerard!”

I guess I was very tough,

Gerard’s in the bad books with Mrs. Cuffe.


The bully now has changed his habit,

He bought for me a new pet rabbit,

I love him so very much,

My rabbit just is so lush.